Tuesday, December 19, 2006

send an email

You can send Dad an email at the hospital. It will get printed and delivered to him. I don't know his new room number, but he is on 7East.

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Samuel said...

Suzanne, I wasn't sure if my e-mail would be delivered through the hosptal volunteer staff, so I decided to write to your Dad here and ask you to forward it to him. Thank you for the consideration.

Don, My new-found friend: We've never met, but I was called by our mutual friend Wendy, as soon as she heard of your accident. (You see, I was told by my doctors that I may never walk again after my back injury and 7-level fusion 12 years ago.) You and I have the blessing of being cared for by a Father who can overcome any challenge this world has to offer and His Son who is The Greatest Physician and Healer. If I may, Let me take a moment to pray with you..... Heavenly Father, I lift my brother Don up to You and ask that You bless him and his family in their time of need. We thank You Father for all of the blessings You've given us, including this opportunity to care for one another. When the disciples came to Jesus after He had healed the blind man, they debated whether he had been afflicted because of his sins or his father's sins and Jesus told them that it was neither, but so that You would be glorified. We ask You now for Don's complete healing, so that You will be glorified. This is an opportunity for Don to be a blessing to others in a way that he's never been able to be before. There are so many in pain L-rd and we ask that they might be able to see Your Lovingkindness in a way that they never have before through Don's experience. In Jesus Name, I bind any spirit of discouragement or financial distress that might come against Don and his family. We have no way of knowing how long this healing process may take, but we know that it will be done in your perfect time, because Your Son told us that by our faith we would be healed and that if we ask and believe, that this mountain would be moved to the sea. Thank You L-rd for this blessing! Forgive us for not fulfilling what You would have us be in our lives by what we've done and what we've left undone. Please allow Your Spirit to speak to Don's heart and mine, so that we might gain more wisdom through this experience. If there's more that we should know or understand, give us the quietness to listen to You. Please give Don relief from his pain and give peace to his loved ones who bear his pain as well. Bless his doctors with the wisdom to make good decisions and steady hands to do Your work in aiding Don's healing. Thank You L-rd for this blessing of allowing me to pray for Don and for the healing process that has already begun. These things we ask and are grateful for in Jesus Name, Amen