Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Tidings

Dad is out of surgery and nothing bad happened!! and it was much shorter than expected!! and because it was short he didn't swell up so it is likely that the breathing tube will come out much much sooner than predicted. We are so grateful.

They used steel plates to connect vertebraes 3 through 9 so that Dad can sit up. They expect to sit him up tomorrow. Because he has a small fracture on one of the vertebraes on his neck, he will be in a neck/torso brace for 3 months. This will probably be a blessing to his many broken ribs.

We are all giddy with relief and exhaustion.

Here is the link I promised to my Aunt Donna: The Inn at Virgina Mason.


pfun said...

Dear Friends,We are so thankful to learn that Don's surgery went well and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Can we send things to you/Don at the hospital? If so, how?
May you feel God's loving arms around you.
Love, N & D

Don & Carol said...

Dear Suzanne,
What encouraging news. As He guided the surgeons hands, now may God perfect a healing in your father's recovery.
Our Love, D & C

Glenn said...

Dear Don, I'm so glad your surgery is over. I'm keeping the house safe and secure for you guys. Emma and Bear still find ways to get out... those little escape artists! I will take them to Bloedel today to get out those jitters of being in the yard. I miss you and pray for you often. I can't wait to get back with you again to see some NFL! Take it easy... and I'll see you soon.