Thursday, February 26, 2009

from Barb

Note from Barb -

Greetings from 'nurse Jane fuzzy ears' (character from Uncle Wiggley). Since I am not a computer buff I shall have Don type in a note from me.

I want to rave about several books that brightened my gray February days: a book of poems - Diary of an Old Soul (George MacDonald) (of The Princess and the Curdy fame), Valley of Vision - puritan prayers, Mudhouse Sabbath by Laren Winte. You can't go wrong on any of them. Find them eBay, Amazon, Bookfinder, etc. Tell me what you think.

It's startling bring and beautiful today with about 8 inches of fresh sparking snow below us and our surround garden and trees. I think I'm in Narnia without the white witch.



cs lewis -

"Logic is the king that all events in all possible worlds must obey"

In other words,if it is logical it must be true.

If you have the right information
and you process is accurately then you come to Truth every time.

But we must be humble because there is no way we can be positive that we have the right information or that we have processed accurately.

one foot of snow tonight in the area

Friday, February 20, 2009

go buy this book

CHINA ROAD - Great story of a journalist traveling 3000 miles across China. Sometimes he gets the Impression that China will one day rule the world and the next day he is convinced that the whole thing is going to fall apart because of the corruption of the communist officials that run the show. Barb and I think it is a great book - it is our book club book for next month.
Been mostly staying home and enjoying the indoor winter. Get the grand kids overnight this Saturday - fun.
Pray for me if you wish that I would get serious about writing a book "Fire the Clergy and Burn down the churches" subtitled 'A modest proposal for Church renewal". Take a guess at how much money we spend on the staff and church up keep and how little we actually spend on the poor. The Bible says little about paying church workers and staff but a lot about the poor.
What is anyone reading that you recommend?