Sunday, July 25, 2010


Home from Nebraska almost three weeks and things seem to be going pretty well. Julianna was baptized this morning and turned 9 yesterday so we had a big family bash today after church with about 25 family here.
Just finished "Bonhoeffer" 550 pages.. Highly recommend. Get it from your library as it costs almost $30 new.
Am rereading Narnia as Andy is reading it so I have to get current.
Barb had a wonderful two weeks in Hawaii with her sister-in-law. Came back very tan.
Weather has been wonderful - warm sunny days. I sit outdoors every day in the sun from about 2:00 to 7:00 and read.

Kara, Christy's eldest is comming home from N.Y. tomorrow for a week before she goes to Italy for the Fall term. She can keep her jo via computer while she is there.
She is a kick.

Seem to be getting a better hold on life with each passing month.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

nebraska trip

Well I did it. Got on an air plane and flew to Omaha Nebraska to join my two sisters and their families for a 4th of July bash at my sisters farm just outside Licoln, Ne.
Everything went well. I was accompanied by my daughter, Suzanne, Her husband and their two kids. There were almost 30 people there with 13 kids between the ages of 4 and 14. Meanwhile my wife vanished to Hawaii for two weeks with my brother's wife, Donna. She just got back today. So we have had quite a summer so far. Reading a biography about Bonhoeffer, the first full length bio on him in 25 years.
Startling - He seems to be saying that Christ is always at war with the institutional church because the institutional church is preoccupied with staff, program, budget and its reputation rather than the preaching of the Gospel. It is in competition with Christ and the preaching of the Gospel.
Very Interesting. The title of the book is "Bonoeffer" (550 pages)