Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Very active lately. Went up to Mt Baker with Tim and Andy - they hiked -beautiful weather. They stopped for a swim on the way back at a resort. Have seen the kids a lot lately. Grandkids-Kara getting ready to move to Italy. Kelly back in Spokane - plans unknown for the fall. Kayti back to Westmont for final year of school.

Reading "Best Defense" by Alan Sershowitz - it is kind of a defense of defense attorneys. VERY interesting.

Christy and Greg after a busy summer of guests are on extended sail boat trip.

Suzanne is recovering from a week long stay in the hospital after a mysterious aliment in her lower stomach. Still not diagnosed so we are praying for a good outcome.

It was Very painful.

Barbs and my help is holding up well.

Have a new renter in the barn and he looks like he may become our new caregiver when Aaron leaves the middle of March.

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More news soon -
Did you hear about the Russian who accused Krushev of being an idiot?
He got arrested for revealing state secrets.
News tomorrow