Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas eve eve

Barbara and I are home, me watching the Seahawks and Barb addressing Christmas cards. We are having a quiet peaceful day before the flurry of activities during Christmas week. The three older granddaughters are all in town. All of Bob's family and our family will all be getting together tomorrow for a Family breakfast. Christmas this year may be almost normal for us. We are adjusting better and are having more good days than bad days lately. Even managed to go out for dinner this week.

Am in the process of getting some wall pulley weights to work out at home so I will not have to go to physical therapy any more. It has been a hassle to get in the wheel chair van and have Barb drive me there once or twice a week. Now I will just have to have the discipline to use it. It is crucial that I keep my arms strong.

Great video of Christy and the kids.

Hope to start raising funds for the International Justise Mission after the first. IJM.Org for more info.

The Lord is Good and we feel very blessed.

Best Wishes