Tuesday, April 8, 2008


not dead yet - alive but not kicking. We are settling in to a routine that will probably be reflective of the rest of our lives. Care givers work we me til about 11:00 or 12:00. Up in my wheel chair til 9 or 10. Watch news and videos with Barb. Fortunately reading has become possible. For a long time I did not feel up to reading - I don't know why but I just could not get interested in anything I read. For the last week or so this has changed and I am now looking forward to reading. It will probably be my main activity in life. We get out as much as we want, Church, shopping, visiting kids and grand kids. Our Van is working fine. Hope to get controls put on the van so I can drive - probably within a few months.

Andy, our 8 year old grand child has learned to play chess well enough that I have to pay attention or he will take my pieces. It is actually fun for me. Juliana, age 6, likes to play and knows how the pieces move but she can't really play.

Hope the Obama beats Hillary and that McCain beats Obama. The talking heads on TV are going wild with over analysis and predictions. We usually watch Rick Steves at 7:00 week nights and his travel series.

Delighted to see summer coming. Barbs flower garden is blossoming and she is anxious to get back to gardening. She loves to work in her garden. I think life is now good again for her and meI need less and less help. I can get in and our of bed to my wheel chair by myself and am perfectly content to be home alone if she needs to get out and about.

In spite of the fact that we seem to be doing better, I can not avoid admitting that being in my situation is a real bummer. I can't complain (who would I complain to?) as millions of folks are a lot worse off than I am in a variety of ways.

Will we travel again? Hard to say as the ideal seem fraught with logistical problems at the moment but we know others do it so who knows.

Will try to let you know when we see a good movie or read a good book.