Saturday, December 23, 2006


Today Dad snoooozzzzzzzzzzzed. It was a day of rest for him, napping nearly the whole day. He was awake for a few visits with friends who came by and was clearly delighted to see them. The highlight of his day (and Mom's) are the emails and phonecalls and visits. If you call, don't be sad if he can only talk for a few minutes. He savors the call for hours. So, a big thank you for encouraging and uplifting my parents with your thoughtful attention.

We are in the process of deciding where to do rehab. Of course, all the people whose job is to advise and inform us are out for the long weekend. Our choices are Providence Rehab Center in Everett or Harborview. The medical team here says that either one would be good, so we are trying to figure out the other elements. I think we are leaning towards Everett as we have found a nice place for mom to stay and it is much closer for visitors from home. If you have any experience with either of these rehab centers, do let us know.

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