Friday, December 22, 2006


Posting from Harborview Hospital

I am back in Seattle again, officially on duty as grape juice dispenser and fluffer of pillows. It is so good to see how much improved Dad is after four days away. The post-surgery mental furriness has dissipated and his color and spirits are good. The big adventure of the day was sitting in a wheelchair. First Dad got to sit in it, which tuckered him right out. Then we got to sit in it. I haven’t figured out yet how to do a wheelie, but I’ve got the 360 degree fast-spin down.

Tomorrow we will receive a few visitors (please call first if you are thinking of coming 360/920-4699) and generally hang out. Tim is here for the weekend, which is a joy to us all.

As soon as Dad’s chest tube is out he will graduate out of the acute care ward and into the next milder level of care. At this point we can probably get a better picture of where and when he will start rehab.

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Kelli said...

Hi Auntie! Kt GOT IN TO WESTMONT! She is so excited. Kara and I are visiting friends and finishing off christmas. We are going to have our family dinner and prezzies tonight. How is gpa today? Hi uncle tumis! We will see you all in a few short hours! Well.. probably 20 but that doesnt seem too long. Merry Christmas. We love you all. I'm glad we all got to pray with Daymon. What a blessing he has been to our family- and us to him! Cherrio!
-Kelli belli