Sunday, December 17, 2006

Evening Report

Posting from Harborview

Dad was fitted for his turtle brace, which he'll get tomorrow. Our old friend Tom Lane came down and prayed with us. Cousins came by. And then, much to our surprise, my sister's old Young Life leader is a nurse our on ward.

Dad started the day on a lot of pain med, probably too much as he is so unaccustomed to any sorts of meds. He fuzzed in and out of the day and I think the nursing staff has a better feel for how little dope it takes to have a big impact on him.

We were blessed today by visits from friends and family. If you are thinking of coming, wait a bit. He'll be here awhile and he'll be better able to converse with you and relish the blessing of your visit down the road a bit.

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Darrell Schoen said...

Dear Suzanne,

You may not remember me (I used to work at WCC in the Int'l Dept. and have been reading your blog. Be assured that I hold you, your Dad, and your family in my prayers and thoughts. Obviously, I don't know your Dad or if he lives in B'ham, but I appreciate knowing the difficult times you are going through and the opportunity of praying for you all.
Peace & comfort be yours!
Darrell Schoen