Friday, December 15, 2006

Hard News

Dad had an accident while cutting down a tree. It bucked (?) and hit him hard. He must have seeen it coming as he had the presence of mind to turn away so it hit his back and not his front. He has crushed many ribs and damaged his spinal cord. Here is the conversation that Dad reports:

Doc: You've broken your back.
Dad: Broken my back? Does this mean I am paralyzed for the rest of my life?
Doc: I'm afraid so.

We are grateful that it is midback, so Dad has his arms and will be able to self-mobilize with a chair. He is feeling plucky and at peace.

He's just been airlifted to Harborview hospital in Seattle for surgery to fuse his spine so that when he does get to sit up he is not flopsy. I don't know when the surgery is: tonight, tomorrow?

I'll post as I can.


s said...

thanks so much susanne for the sharing what is going on - he is in my prayers!! love to all your family as you endure this.


Laura Christianson said...

We are so sorry to hear about your dad's accident. We'll keep him and your mom and your entire family in our prayers.

Laura Christianson

gamoore22 said...

Many of your "old"friends here in Bellingham are praying for your Dad, for your mom and your whole family. God is holding you through each step of this painful process. Thank you for keeping us updated. We are still praying...
with love, Gary and Ann