Saturday, May 23, 2009


It is a beautiful day in Bellingham. Barb is delighted to sit on the patio and read after doing her gardening. She has a beautiful flower garden to enjoy when the sun is out.

Life continues to get better for us. A year ago I could not have imagined it ever being this good again. Not driving yet. It is hard to practice as we have to take the driver seat out, etc. Reading lots and doing stuff - church, lecture at the college, little league softball (Dull, as no one can throw strikes) but the whole family is there so we visit. Also enjoy sitting in the sun - I sometime feel like a 95 years old man just enjoying the sun.

Just found a new renter for the barn I had almost finished remodeling when I got sidelined. He is a 49 year old parts manager for the local Ford Dealer. Just moving to Bellingham from a nearby town. I think we will be friends. He goes on mission trips every year so will be a Christian friend for us.

Trying to do some writing but not very successful at it. It is hard.

Suzanne is going to have an operation on the 28 of May so Barb will be busy either at the hospital or with the kids for several days or more.

Christy and Greg are out sailing today and Tim gets back on his boat for another two week stint starting tomorrow.

We look forward to our netflix fix every week. Saw the the "Illusionist" last night. A complicated mystery. Enjoyed it but do not give it a high recommendation.

Barb is reading Ann Rice's books. She is a VERY famous secular writer that has become a Christian and is now writing 'for Christ' as she puts it. I have never heard of her but my literary friends says she has a huge following. You can look her up on the web -'"

Hope all is well with you,


Monday, May 18, 2009

thought for the day

It is a great relief and benefit to be caught in our sins. It, at least temporarily, frees us from the illusion of our own righteousness and forces us to fall humbly at the feet of Christ. B. R. Pembly

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Finding Calcatta by Mary Poplin - go get at the Library new for about $12.00
Can read reviews at
Happy to be alive.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Heard jo ann poplin speak at the college last week - She teaches PHD students at Clairmont in California - a very heady school.

She has spend her live in a religious quest before spending 6 weeks with Mother Teresa and was completely converted to Christ. She spoke very openly to about 200 students at the college.

A girl asked "why can't I be good without God". I went away thinking she was answered:
"You may be able, relatively to others, to be a good person but God will make you a better person than you could be without Him." i.e. If you are interested in being a good person, why not be the best you can be and you will need God to do that. If you are only interested in moderately good compared to other people then you can probably to that on your own. An specific individual Christian may not be as good as a specific non Christian but they would be a better Christian with God than without God.
I thought this was a great answer. Hitler might not have been a very good person even with God but he would have been better than he was. Mother Teresa might have been a pretty good person without God but was even a better person with Him.

Does everyone know about netflix? We have been in it for two years. WE have recently teamed up with another couple that we see ofter so for $5.00 a month per couple we can get new movies as fast as we send them in. Two a week if we watch the day we get them. Net flix pays the postage both ways. No trip to the video store and no $8.00 movie tickets and no late fees. Go to for full info. WE watch histories, documentaries but mostly dramas. They have thousands of great dramas. You can click on a title and get a synopsis, the industry rating, the average viewer rating (1-5 stars)

Just saw Rebecca - one of the best mysteries we have ever seen. Master Piece Theater. We will watch it again some time.

Great to have summer here again. Love to sit in the Sun and read and watch the dot.

Would be open to good book or Video suggestions.

Don (watching the obituaries)