Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sept 1st

We have had a wonderful summer - lots and lots of sun and warm weather. Barbara and Suzanne and the grands are on Vancouver Island for a short vacation. Barbara gets home tomorrow evening. I have been looked after by my friends and the guy who lives in the basement.
My sister Carol and her husband Denny were here for a few days and left yesterday.
It was wonderful to have them and they have agreed to try to get up twice a year which will be wonderful for me to look forward to.
Our son Tim is off on a trip to New England for 6 days with his girlfriend for a wedding and to visit her relatives. Kayti, (Christy's daughter) is off to New Zeland for quarter of school. Kelly is off to North Carolina to see her boyfriend. Kara in now living in Manhattan, NY working to interviewing canadates to teach in a private school system called uncommon schools.
Felt really good all the time guests were here.
Great Movie -"Radio" about a retarded black boy who is befriended by the local football coach. I highly suggest it.
Been reading books on apologetics that only a theological nerdly guy like me would like so I won't recommend (God, Reason and Theistic Proofs).
Any recommends of books from anyone would be appreciated.
Thanks for your prayers to keep my spirits up.
Best Wishes and Blessings,