Thursday, November 17, 2011

still here

Hi -

WE are about the same. Feeling good and enjoying life. See lots of our kids and grand kids. Will all be together at Christmas as our middle grand daughter Kelli, is getting
married on the 18th here in Bellingham. Went out for dinner for our 52nd. The best time in our marriage is now. We are pretty much together 24/7 and mostly at home. Barb reads a lot especially now that she can't get out to her huge flower garden.
I am enjoying college football and reading on my Kindle.

Reading "Killing Lincoln' by O'Riely and an historian friend of his. On best seller list for many weeks. Just reread "the Mayor of Casterbridge" by Hardy. Like the way he has with words. It is interesting to watch the best seller list on "'. What a mixed bag of quality writing and junk.

A note about the housing 'crises' There is no crisis. You would think the term means that there are not enough houses. There is a problem for some but 'one persons loss is another persons gain. The houses are not going to sit empty. The banks or whoever owns the houses will simply lower the price to the point that someone will buy it. It will simple be a change of ownership which is not a national crisis though it is a hardship for some who should have never been approved for a loan in the first place. Terrible how the media likes to blow things up. Am I wrong?

We are for Newt. We know about his 'baggage' but he has joined the catholic church and it is reasonable to assume that he has gone through some process of confession and received forgiveness. Any how he is is by far and away the smartest candidate and he knows how Washington works.

We are going to have an adventure this summer - Suzanne and her two kids, Barb, my care giver, and I are going to Hawaii this April for a week. Will be my first big outing since I went back to Nebraska a few summers ago. This Christmas will be the 5th anniversary of my accident. Times flies. The older we get the faster it goes. According to a form I filled out on the computer about, age, habits, etc. I am supposed to live until I am 95 and so is Barb. I don't know if this is good or bad. 17 more years - I can't imagine it.

Our dreary winter weather has begun and has already caused me to long for spring.

Still trying to get serious about writing a book on apologetics for lay people. Would be a bit like 'Mere Christianity' by Lewis but not as complicated. I have a sermon in my head about suffering and am looking for a place to preach it. It has been rumbling around in my head for months if not years. Suffering is not data for thinking as much as it is an opportunity to trust. 'I will never leave you or forsake you" That is the bottom line on the question of suffering.

Would be happy for hear from you so I know that someone actually reads my blogs.
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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Very interesting from a Russian Priest

It is more difficult to love than it is to endure suffering.

Doing fine after 5 weeks in bed getting over some pressure shores.

Best to you,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

thought for the day

Whatever failures I have known Whatever errors I have committed , whatever follies I have witnessed in private and public life have been the consequences of action without thought.

Bernard Barach

I am being interviewed for a job tomorrow - more later.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Thought for the day

One of the most telling indications of sanctity is a persons ability always to see himself in the sins of others.
Antony Padonovo "Free to Be Faithful"

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Beautiful weather today-sitting outside reading
Just got a new used Mac computer - HIGHLY recommend the Mac
No special plans
We are doing well -

Watch for quote of the day coming soon on this blog.

Friday, July 1, 2011

not dead - still reflecting-

Reasons that make it difficult to pray:

1. It seems silly to give God advice.
2) It seems silly to give Him information. "Dear Lord, bless Sally who broke her leg"
3) IT seem odd to praise God for being what he can't help being, like praising a parent for loving their child.
4) We can never be sure there is a connection between our prayer and what happens.
5) It is difficult to speak to a Being we can't see and who does not talk back. I know there are folks who claim that God talks to them but I think this is figure of speech.

So why to we pray? For the simple reason that our Lord commands us to - that ought to be enough.

Doing o.k.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

why don likes his kindle

Why ereaders like the “Kindle” from Amazon and the “Nook” from Barnes and Noble may replace traditional books. (“ebooks” are books that can be read on a hand held reading device and an “ereader” is the device itself. There dozens on the market with the Kindle and the Book are currently the leaders)

1)  One ereader, at the present time, can hold 3500 books  - they are about the size of a  paper back, weigh less and are about three eights of inch thick.

2)  Cost of books on ereaders:
     a)  There are about 2,000,000 books available for free
     b)  There are about  800,000 books available that sell for between a $1.00 and $15.00-  most best sellers are $9.99(the cost for a ereader is now $139.00 - the original price a few years ago was about $400)

3) Ebooks are available in 8 print sizes at the press of a button. 
From 8 point to 72 point

4) Most ebooks are available in print size as large or larger than most other large print books.

5) Amazon has stated that their goal is to have every book that has ever been printed in any language available on ereaders within two years.

5) Ebooks will never go out of print.

6) Ereaders keep track of where you were when you last stopped reading - no more book marks or lost places.  You may be reading many books at the same time and the ereader will keep track of where you were in each book when you stopped reading.

7) Batteries can last up to thirty days and can be recharged over night. (can keep reading while they charge)

8) You can search for a word or a phrase in all the books, or a specific book, on your ebook reader.  It will list on the screen each book that has the word or the phrase and the number of times the word or phrase appears in each book.  You can then click on a certain book and it will list all the sentences  the word or phrase appears in. Click again and you will be at the appropriate page.

9)  You can underline right on the ereader screen and then search for all the underlined sentences.

10) You can make your own notes to remain on your ereader..

11) Pages turn at the press of a button,  faster than turning pages manually.

12) Only one hand is needed for reading thus freeing up the other hand to eat, feed the baby, etc.

13) Ereaders are wonderful for folks with arthritis with fingers that do not work well.

14) About 25 categories of book listed by best selling.

15) Moving the on screen cursor over a word automatically shows the definition at the top or bottom of the screen.

16)  Books can be loaded into the ereader in about 15 seconds. (The entire Bible, The
complete works of Shakespear , etc. in less than 30 seconds)
17) You can looks up books by title or author

18) No trips to the library to pick up and drop off books - no overdue books.

19) Ereaders are handy and quick to use.  You can even read a bit while waiting in line at the Post Office.

20) 169 newspapers, 90 magazines and Journals are instantly available from around the

21) You can read the first chapter of most books on the ereader for free, then decide if you want to buy the book or not.

22) You can loan a book once to another person from your ereader to their ereader for two weeks at no additional charge.

23) You can register up to six people on the same account. If anyone of the six people order a book, it then become available to all six people at no additional charge.

Why authors like ebooks:

1) Authors receive about a 8% royalty of the selling price of a book published by
a publisher.

2) Authors receive 70% of a self published book on ereaders.    They would rather get
70% of a  $10.00 book rather than 8% of a $30.00 book (a difference of over $4.00 per book) Note: An known author has turned down an advance by a publisher of $500,000 recently because he thought he could make more money by self publishing on
an ereader.

3) Authors can set the price of their book rather than publishers.

4) Authors can add an appendix or a correction to a book on your ereader at any time - now or 10 years from now and do it in seconds automatically.

5) Authors can keep total control of their book (copy rights, etc)

6) Books will stay available even if sales start to slow.  Publishers now quit publishing books if their sales fall below a certain point so the author stops receiving royalty Payments.

7) Authors can have their book formatted for ereaders for about $200.  So anybody who
can make their book available to millions of people without spending a lot of money. 

8) When an author finishes writing a book, it can be made available to the reading public immediately, they don’t have to wait to find a publisher and then wait to get the book printed.

What does this mean for bookstores and libraries?

1)  Book stores, as we know them, may go out of business - Border books (501stores) has already declared bankruptcy., The Barnes and Noble chain has been up for sale for over a year.   Hundreds of small books store are already closed or declining. Other chains are closed: Daltons-750 stores, Crown 198-stores, Walden- 81 stores.

2) Libraries will disappear or change dramatically and maybe become a place to check out eraders.
Misc info.

1) Some schools have abandoned books and now supply or require ereaders for all their

2) College students will no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on books as
ereaders will be drastically cheaper.

3) Students, of all ages, won't have to haul around book bags - just one ereader.

4) Millions of trees and tons of ink will be saved.

Answer to skeptics:
"I just like the feel of a book in my hands - not a mechanical device"

Maybe people don't know themselves very well.  It is difficult to find someone who felt that way before buying an ereader and did not change mind quickly after they began using it. Also, it would be difficult to find someone who has given up their ereader and gone back to reading traditional books?

What people really like is reading and we associate that pleasure with a book.  But the pleasure is in the reading not the method.

Monday, March 21, 2011

more speech to text

well here we go again. I'm going to try to do to do the new speech to text. So far it is working pretty well. I still can't get over it. To just talk to a microphone and have this words appear on the page is very strange but it is skews me. But it is very fast. Probably about twice as fast or three times as fast as a person can type. And it is very accurate. To show its accuracy I will not make any corrections to this after I am done and you can see for yourself how accurate it is.

We have been doing quite well lately apart from the fact that Barb had a very bad cold which is now just getting old skews be getting over, that was my mistake not the computer's.

Book club was great last week we discussed new book word new book club and we picked the lemon tree. It is a book about the relationship between a Palestinian family in a Jewish family after the seven days for. It puts a human face on the conflict in the Middle East and it shows that the things are a lot more complicated over there that a person might imagine.

I have been keeping up with the NCAA basketball tournament. I don't have a favorite team this year after Washington lost out yesterday to North Carolina.

I am delighted to find the sun showing a lot more lately it's moving north so the days are longer. I'm looking forward to getting that out doors this summer to sit on the ramp that my son-in-law made for me and read in the sun. I've had quite a few guests lately. Friends that I've known for years come by. I have about two or three friends who I can count on coming by regularly and that five or 10 friends who come by often on.

Our book club book last week was a book called wait till next year. It was a memoir of a girl who was raised in Brooklyn and follow the Brooklyn Dodgers and told the story of her life growing up in Brooklyn and being an avid baseball fans and how the whole city of Brooklyn and city of New York's were supporters of the baseball games. There were three of them the New York Giants the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers it was quite interesting because most of us remember living through those days in the late 40s and early 50s when television was just starting to come out.

Sullivan some of the new skews the. Some of the new news that I think were going to bear watching is this new book that's come out by Rob Bell called God wins he espouses universalism but it is a very Christo centric universalism. His thesis is that the God of love is not powerless to prevent an eternal hell. He has trouble imagining, as I do, billions of people suffering in hell tormented hell for ever and ever. I think the book is going to be probably somewhat divisive and that Eugene Peterson of Regent College has endorsed the book. The author is part of the emerging church and is himself had he himself has an evangelical background. He graduated from Wheaton College and Fuller seminary. His book just came out this week and its already high on bookseller lists. It will be in single watch what kind of activity that stirs up the Christian community.

We like you have been watching the news and Libya and Japan. My goodness what problems this world has but I guess it's nothing new with cars have problems.

I been feeling quite good lately. I've been using my sleep apnea machine which I breathe into every night and seems to be not quite so tired the next day. I've had for overnight stays where they tried to test me to get the setting right on the machine. It's not much fun to sleep away from home all night and in the wake and six o'clock in the morning and told to go home. Greg Misty Suzman, has gone with me at night along with Tim and my caregiver.

Our caregiver Aaron Brandt has been with us now for over three years and he is wonderful young man. We are going to miss him next fall when he starts nursing school. I'm a little bit concerned else will be able to find somebody quite as good he's been a good friend as well as a good worker.

If you're curious about this speech to text software it's called Dragon software and it costs about $50 plus you might have to spend about $20 to upgrade your storage in your computer. Would be happy to hear from any of you. And I will write you back a personal Gmail best wishes to all Don holds that's not holds that's Holmes that's better.

Now that I have finished I can say that I have made no corrections. Many of the mistakes were my mumbling while I was talking. I think you will get better the more I use it. I think it will get better the more I use it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


hello to all my friends this is going to be interesting to see if this works. I am using a speech to text mechanism to make this blog site. I am talking to a microphone that is connected to my computer while I talk it is taking my words and turning them into words. Sometimes it will make mistakes but it is surprising how accurate it is I have not. I forgot to put a period after the last it is. You have to say the word. For it to print up. Paragraph

I have been feeling quite well lately. We have been getting out some. Yesterday we spent the day with Suzanne and just Barb Suzanne and I because Jamie had taken the two kids in Seattle spend the weekend with his mother in that we had a nice long visit the night before we took Susie out for dinner the first time the three of us have been out for dinner just us for maybe five or 10 years. You will have to be patient with me as I sometimes forget to say the word.. I need to say the word. Oh

I have much to learn to make this work correctly but up to this point in the letter I have not made any corrections. As you speak the words appear. If the computer makes a mistake you can override the mistake with normal word processing.

As you can see it's pretty accurate I will probably be blogging a lot more. It is much easier to talk than to type I. I can talk at a very rapid speed and the computer still does a very good job reading what I am saying it is almost spooky I forget to keep single word. I need to say the word PER I OD when I come to the end of a line.

The computer will take numbers as well as letters. Example 12345. I will now say the alphabet to see how well it does. A BCDEFGH I JKLMNOPQRS the WXYZ. It made a mistake with the letters T and you. It cannot tell the difference between the letter you or the word you mistake it cannot tell the difference between the difference between the letter you send the word you.

We saw Les Miserables on television last night. It was fantastic. It was done in London with a 500 voice choir for the 25th anniversary of the production lateness is still showing into theaters in London and one in Chicago plus numerous showings all of the cut. Country backspace backspacwhoop. Oh well

Does anybody have any good books to suggest. We think we thought that 'Unbroken' was outstanding. We did in our book club and everybody really liked the book. Her current book is wait till next year. It is a book a memoir about a girl growing up in Brooklyn and her memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I hope spring is here. It is sunny and warm out today but we have had lots of free cool weather for the last several weeks.

I think I'm going to like this speech to text is available from skews the it is available by a company called Dragon DR AGL and and it costs about $50. You just install it on your computer and put on your headsets in start talking.
The headset comes with the software it is easy to install. It takes you through a bit of a tutorial where you read into the computer so it begins to recognize your voice. I've only had it for several days now but I am very very impressed how you can talk to a machine and have your words turn the print.

Concerning my Kindle that I got for Christmas; I like it better every day. Some of my friends have one and they like there's justice much as I like my. I do not know anybody has one doesn't like it a great deal. I think this is going to be the reading device of the future. For better or for worse it will be the end of bookstores and libraries. There is no need to cut down all these trees can make thousands and thousands of books and all can be done online less-expensive and faster. You can order a book on your Kindle and 15 seconds later the book in your Kindle ready for you to read. You can change the print size. Almost every book comes with a concordance just like a Bible concordance so you can look up passages and search for words at the flip of finger. For instance if you wanted to type in the word fight and war it would search to every book on your Kindle may be 1000 books and show which books have that those two words in the book and how many times it's in the book then you can click on that book and it'll start skipping through all the places in the book where those words appear and highlight them so there's no need to underline anymore you just as you have a thought in your mind can just type in couple words from a thought and it will find it is quite amazing much more handy than using a concordance with the Bible staff to look it up and spell the word. Also with a concordance you can only look up one word. They cost about $125 and they hold 3500 books. There are about 1,500,000 books available on the Kindle for free. There is another 60,000 books available that you can buy to put on your Kindle. They usually cost at the most nine $nine. 99 each. I downloaded the complete works of William Shakespeare for free it took. It took about 20 seconds to download the books into my Kindle. I should be a salesman for them. Paragraph

I've rambled on long enough time to say signoff I've only made one. I've only made one correction everything I said in this letter so you can see that it's very very accurate. It will improve in accuracy as I learn how to use it.

Best wishes to all, enter
D: M, DON published post

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I did not ask for or expect a kindle for Christmas. It is an amazing reading device. It looks exactly like a page on a book. It holds 1800 books along with about 1,000,000 books that are free. I have learned that it is not books that people like so much, it is reading.

The family was all here for Christmas, kids and grand kids and son in laws. The high light was the grand daughters playing the flute and the violin and Julianna singing Christmas carols.

Rereading the Voyage of the Dawn Treader for book club on the 20th.

Gloomy weather plus I have been stuck in bed for several days as my wheel chair is broken. New parts coming from back east are due any day.

We are in good spirits and are very greatful that our situation is not worst than it is.I turn 76 next week - my wife and I have a century and a half between us and are in good health as far as we know.

"Be not weary in well doing"