Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Went to a Lenten service tonight at church. Saw friends - rather a superficial discussion about Lent.

Barb went to hear a speaker at a bookstore that had written a book about care givers.
She thought it was helpful. No one who has ever been a caregiver can understand what a life-changing experience it is. She said by what she heard that she thought we were doing fairly well.

Suzanne brought me a new book today - Rebecca - will report.

Grand kids by today for an hour and will be here for a longer stay tomorrow.

Hope to get my Leviticus notes from my power point presentation on the blog soon.

Please pray for our daughter - Suzanne's back as she is in serious pain, sees doctor on Thursday.

My pain comes and goes - was o.k. today.

Lewis - "love is not an emotion but an attitude of the will, that attitude that we have naturally toward ourselves but my learn to have about other people."


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