Monday, March 23, 2009

wake up early

I wake up early and lay in bed thinking - my thought today was:

Most Christians believe that God is always present with them.
Some Christians feel this presence at some time or another, which means that at other times they don't feel his presence at least not in the same way.

One could therefore conclude that when His presence is felt, the feelings correspond to reality and that when we don't feel his presence then our feelings do not correspond to reality. He is obviously present even if we don't feel it.

One ought to conclude from this that we should pay no attention to our feelings because they are not a reliable guide to reality. We should consult what we know from what HE said about His presence - I will Never leave you or forsake you.

Feelings are not a good guide as to what we ought to believe or what we ought to do. Our conscience is related to our minds more than to our feelings. The word conscience broken down is 'con' and 'science' (with knowledge)

Now you can go to sleep.

Have not tried to drive yet even though my hand controls in the van are ready to go.

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rebecca dufresne said...

Thank you for those comments. I think you are right on target with that. Lewis addresses those issues in "Letters to Malcolm", and wonders why we sometimes do feel forsaken, and can't feel God's presence, at times when we need him the most.

He gives a couple of really good theories. I guess I've just concluded that "the servant is not greater than the master", and if our Lord felt forsaken in the Garden, it is inevitable that there will be times in our lives when we also will feel that abandonment.

Really appreciate the food for thought you're providing.