Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have never had much patience with pacifism and their fuzzy thinking. They are always asking 'can you picture Jesus shooting someone with a guy?' I just realized that there is a perfectly good answer - 'yes' if you can picture Him putting a millstone (millstones weigh about 200 pounds) around a persons neck and throwing them into the sea. This is exactly what he suggested and it is recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke. (So what would He say about abortionist?) Jesus said that 'they' (the person with the millstone) would be better off - presumably because it would stop them from doing further harm to their own souls.

No news here. Our book club book this month is "The Cellist of Sarajevo" - The story of how three different people coped with life under bombardment and snipers. I do suggest for your reading.

My friend John Granger's new book "Harry Potter bookshelf" came out last week and is doing well. After Barb read it she is back reading the Potter books again.

How to post more frequently.



Anonymous said...

Don - do you ever proofread what you write??? You make me laugh!!! I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett - it's her first book. Not real deep - fictional account of what it is was like being a "domestic" in white homes in Miss. - very eye opening, especially to me who has led a pretty sheltered life. I take my freedom, etc. so for granted. Margaret

Suzanne said...

No, he never does. I break into his account and tidy things up when I have time. I think it is a combination of stiff fingers and dirty eyeglasses.

Chaplain Deanna said...

Don, I was scrolling through some old posts on my own BLOG. I was reading about your accident and what I wrote at that time. I saw the link to your BLOG and wondered if your condition had been updated--and WOW here you are blogging away. Good for you! I signed up to follow your BLOG.