Monday, August 10, 2009


I have not been blogging lately because the news is not much fun. I am asked often "how are you". I normally give the pat answer that everyone else does "I am fine", but I am no no longer going that. I am going to say "not so well. Ever since my accident life has been difficult for Barb and and I'. It continues to be so. The pain in my chest has been awful for several days. See the Doc next week but don't expect much. This is part of the deal for many folks with paralysis. The guys in the wheel chair group have told me so.
BUT, as long as we are alive we can hope for better days.
Barb Christy and Kara are at a cooking movie today. I was delighted not to be invited.
Finished re reading "The Woman in White" It is the third time I have read it. It is a 600 page adventure, mystery and romance. The author - Wilkie Collings was more popular in the 1900's than Charles Dickens. I will read it again sometime.
It has been a joy to sit in the yard the last few weeks. Warm and sunny but do hate to see the winter come but it is the prelude to next Spring.
Have had lots of help lately doing the stuff I used to do around the yard. Walls repaired, Gate fixed and lots of clean up near the barn, which has been rented to a woman for the past two months. She has a good job but likes privacy. She also has a border collie like our but they do NOT get along.
Barb continues to be a brick but our life is not as much fun as it used to be, at least I don't think I am as much fun for her as I was.
"Casting all your cared upon Him because He cares for you."
Blessings to all

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Anonymous said...

It is okay to tell people that life is hard today... I hope the doc helps you reduce this persistent discomfort. I pray you have a string of fun days ahead.