Sunday, September 9, 2007


Nothing but good news lately. We have been getting out more now that we have a wheel chair van. Found my new pair of glasses that have been missing for 10 days. I had been laying on them under the sheet. They are titanium and very bendable so they were still o.k. Been getting good reports from our three grand daughters, one teaching school in L.A and the other two in school at Westmont and Whitworth. Suzanne and Jamie and their two kids are on vacation in Vancouver Island and Barb is going to join them next week for four days.

Have been able to get out side more as the weather has been beautiful.

Has been fun watching a local boy make good as the Washington Huskies quarterback - Jake Locker.

Barb is grateful for the many phone calls and cards of encouragement and so am I.

Just finished reading the Glass Castle - interesting true story about a homeless family and their advendures.

Now reading Ninety Minutes in Heaven about a man in a terrible accident, 'went to heaven for 90 minutes' and his struggle to get his life back.

We are making daily progress in our new life.


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