Sunday, September 23, 2007

doing well

Hi to all those in Blogger land. We are still adjusting to the situation. I have developed much sympathy for all who struggle in life. Lots of folks struggle for a variety of reasons. I don't know what God's plan is for all of them is but I know they are not forgotten.

Reading a biography on Sydney Poitier and John Newton. I suspect that I will get a lot of reading done in the next few years. Can you suggest some good books or videos?

With our new van we are getting out some - a good thing.

My family continues to be of immense help so the burden on my wife is somewhat manageable.

Best Wishes to all,



s said...

thanks for continuing to keep us updated. have a great week. sandy

Anonymous said...

Don, I look forward to reading your latest Blogs. You are an inspiration to me and I am very interested in what challenges you continue to find in your new life and how you overcome them or work around them. Each of us will face challenges in our life at some point, thru injury, illness, job loss, retirement, loss of close family members, or in many other ways. Some bigger than others. And seeing you tackle such a big challenge with courage and good humor is very encouraging to the rest of us when we face our own personal challenges big or small. Keep up the great work, Don. Rich

John said...

Dear Don,

The only thing I miss about life in Washington is seeing you regularly and hearing from you via email and phone much more often. These updates are great, though; thank you for keeping me and your other friends in the loop this way!

John, with love to you and Barbara

Glizzo said...

hi don. it was fun to watch NFL with you today. just like old times. have a great week.