Sunday, August 26, 2007

doing great

WE are making great progress every day.
We have purchased a Van. I can't drive it but Barb can and haul me around like a sack of potatoes.
It is quite comfortable. I have to duck as I drive in but have lots of head room after I get in side.
It has a very good lift for my chair. WE have been out several times and it gives us a lot of freedom on our own schedule.
My sister Carol and her son Brent from Nebraska have been her for several days. We spent part of the afternoon by a ocean beach with a lunch. It is great to get back to doing regular things.

I fell asleep in my chair and fell on the ground a few weeks ago. Barb was nearby and called my brother and his son to pick me up. I was quite comfortable laying on the ground for 45 minutes.

Read a lot and watch sports on T.V We also rent Videos.

Will try to keep more current with the blog

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