Tuesday, August 14, 2007

day by day

Sorry I missed blogging last Sunday - two days late.
Big week last week. The mens group from my church met here on Wednesday. This first time I have been with them since last year. Also the book club met here on Saturday - six couples.

We are hoping to get a Van soon so we will not be dependent on the city disabled bus.

I am sitting up most of the time. It is good to not be so tied to the bed.

If previous blogs have sounded a bit depressing they are probably accurate. We seem to be doing better now but it has taken a while to adjust.

Got to church again last Sunday.

We finished the last Harry Potter book and liked it a lot.

If you have specific questions I will try to respond on the blog site.


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John said...

Well, Don, I hope very much you'll post your thoughts on Deathly Hallows! You were a big supporter of Ms. Rowling very early on and one of the few readers who really understood how Christian the books are and the many similarities with C. S. Lewis. The ending seemed half Lion Witch and Wardrobe, half Last Battle, and half The Great Divorce! Or so it seemed to me (obviously I struggled with fractions...). What did you think?

FYI, Richard Abanes posted something like an apology to you over at HogwartsProfessor.com (read it at http://hogwartsprofessor.com/?p=141#comment-12001) but he refuses to read the last book. He says he has moved on to other things...

Anyway, I am very eager to hear tyour thoughts on the book. Please post them here!

Friend John