Sunday, July 15, 2007

doing better

Hi Bloggers

Made my first fun outing (doctor visits don't count) Friday evening with Barb, our daughter Suzanne and two grand daughters to see Harry Potter. I am a big fan of the Potters series.

Also make it to Church for the first time today. It was exactly seven months ago today ( Dec 14th) that I got hurt.

I have felt better and stronger the last few day than I have since the accident. It has been a long and difficult struggle both for Barb and myself. I spend the morning with hired help. Get up about 9:00, eat breakfast that attempt to use the portable potty which is sometime successful and some time not. We then exercise for about ten minutes to strengthen my arms which have now become crucial to getting back to a normal life. I then get up using a sliding board to get into my wheel chair for the day. A sliding board is a piece of wood about two feet long and eight inches with that acts like a bridge between the bed and the wheel chair. I sit up in bed, push my legs over the side of the bed, put the sliding board under my bottom and then with my arms slide into the chair. This used to be real difficult but is now becoming much easier.

I read a lot, visit with friends who stop by, throw the ball for the dog and enjoy the nice weather. Suzanne stops by often and I get to play with the two Russian grand kids which is great fun. My older grand kids: Kelly is home from Witworth College for the summer, Kara is home for a few weeks, Kayti is working at a Berry farm store. I see them a lot. I am getting to the place where life is good again. For a while I did not think it could happen but it is happening.

Several verses from the Bible have kept us going: "I will never leave you or forsake you" "The suffering of this present world are not worth of being compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us."

If you have question I would be glad to answer. I have obviously lots of time on my hands.

I have no idea how I will put my time to good use but am very optimistic about the future.

Best wishes to all and thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I will attempt to update my blog every Sunday.

Don Holmes


s said...

Great to hear from you - suppose you are highly anticipating the new HP book. Every time I hear or see an advertisement - I think of you guys. I am actually giving another effort to reading the series. Suzanne inspired me on her blog and to be honest I feel a little left out of the buzz for the new book. Have a most fantastic week. -sandy

:: Suzanne :: said...

yeah Dad! Great update.

John said...

Dear Don,

I just posted my last prediction on and am getting ready for the party at the B&N tonight. I'll talk for a couple of hours, get my book at midnight, and come home to read to the children.

We'll know this time tomorrow! Hurrah! I can't wait to read it -- and to hear what you think. Please write or give me a call when you can.

Thank you for all our Potter conversations and fun since you stumbled upon Hidden Key!