Monday, December 27, 2010

Holmes Family Grace On Christmas DAy

Who would have guessed as He lay in the hay,
He'd be the One, our sins to allay?

From His birth to His death as He came from above,
He taught us and healed us to show us His love.

He called His disciples and taught them to care,
He then changed their lives and charged them to share-

A message of hope of joy and delight,
To brighten our day, contrasting the night,

When ninety nine sheep, their day was all done,
He left them secure, to go find the one.

We're all like that one - lost in the night,
He was seeking to find, to make us alright.

Then when He had found us in sickness and sin,
He called for repentance, our life to begin.

He paid a big price, it should break our hearts,
So we could have life, and get a fresh start.

We twelve gather here, this day in December,
His birth and ours a joy to remember.

So thanks to the cooks and the food on the table,
But thanks most of all for the One in the stable.

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