Thursday, March 18, 2010


Nov 8th

Hi to all - your patience is rewarded - a new blog - amazing.

I don't write often because I don't have much to write about. We are continuing to make weekly progress in out new life. It will be three years this Christmas - hard to believe that I have not walked for three years.

We had the family over yesterday for Andy's birthday. He has been looking forward to it for months. I don't think they had much of a celebration at the 'deisky dom' (orphanage)in Russia. At the same time we also celebrated our 50th as of today.

we had a wonderful evening. Tim and his girl friend played guitar and violin and we all sang "I'll fly away'. Our kids gave us a electronic gadget with a screen loaded up with about 200 family pictures that stays on all the time and flips pictures every 10 seconds. Shows kids at all ages and many of our trips to Europe. It helps keep many wonderful memories alive.

So how are we doing? We are on a roller coaster. Some days ( not many) are awful and most days are o.k. and many days are wonderful.. Surrounded our family yesterday made me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I will try to soon catch you up on books and Videos but will begin now with "Same Kind of Different as Me" You can read the blog at

The normally gloomy winter is here but the grand kids are looking forward to snow.
See them about twice a week. Andy will probably come to spend the night this week.

We now have the barn, that I remodeled into an rental, rented. He is a retired fisherman who is going back to electronic school for two years. This is turning out to be a good investment for us. Our basement renter is moving out as of Dec. 1 as his is buying a condo. We have another fellow moving in immediately -
a man who is a professional picture painter and also teaches anatomy and physiology
at the local tech school and has several other jobs. He was raised in South Africa
so has a Brit ascent. He has had some medical training which we are glad about. We are happy to have two fellows around.

We wish you all the best with God's blessings.


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