Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Big News - Planet Narnia (book title) was published about a year ago. It solves a mystery. For 50 years scholars have wondered about two thing related to the Chronicles of Narnia. 1) Why would as scholar write a book for children? Scholars don't do this. 2) What ties the books together. Aslan is not important in all the books and different kids appear in different books. The author Michael Ward (Website: Michaelward) has solve the mystery. Each book is based on the mythology of one of the seven planets as view my 16th century cosmology. Read the comments on his blog site.
Scores of scholars have read book and they all agree with his interpretation. They says that this work will even more contribute to Lewis's reputation as a scholar.
Apparently Lewis never told anyone about this. The book Planet Narnia is in my opinion unreadable. It is a phd thesis. I have emailed the author and he says a rewrite for lay people is due out next summer.

Free insight about Lewis:
When Douglas Gresham (Lewis's stepson) was asked if he thought Lewis was a genius he replied:
"Oh, absolutely, there's no doubt about that. He was a complete genius. He also was a very fast reader, but he had honed the talent and perfected the strange memory that resulted in never forgetting anything he had read. Now he could, he could ask you to pick any book off of his shelves, and you would pick a page and read him a line and he would quote the rest of the page; in fact, quote the rest of the book until you told him to stop. He had this enormous capacity to remember everything he'd ever read."

This book Planet Narnia is causing quite a stir. The Chronicles of Narnia will be taken a lot more seriously and many may now be reading more of Lewis's other works. The next Narnia movie will be out next summer with more to follow. Hope I live long enough to see the all.

Other news - My sister (Carol) and her husband (Denny) are coming up to visit us from
Nebraska this week end (Dec 6). We don't like them and tried to discourage them from coming but they are coming anyway. They have been here before and we told them not to come back but I think they are deaf and like free food. Denny likes jokes:
A man's wife had just completed writing her first book so he went to get her some flowers and candy to celebrate. The clerk asked if he was celebrating some thing and her told her "Yes, my wife has just completed her first book."
After a pause, the clerk replied "Slow reader?"

We are doing quite well as we approach our two year anniversary of my accident (Dec 16) Life is good again after it not being so good for a long, long time. Still not driving as I can't seem to get any co operation from local mechanics to install hand controls on my Van. We think that life will get better and better as time goes by, at least hit has recently. Care taker here every day until noon. I usually am up the rest of the day and to bed about 10:00. Watch lots of football on the tube. Read, to email and putter at my desk. Football - our washington huskies have the longest loosing streak in the nation.

Interesting note: Plato points out that our conscience speaks out loudly when we are about to do something we know we shouldn't do but is much more quiet about neglecting things we ought to do.

Our grand daughter going to Westmont College in Santa Barbara survived the fire but there was much damage to the college classrooms, dorms and faculty housing - 13 faculty housed burned to the ground. They had a very long Thanksgiving vacation but back to school this week.

Christ is King.

Had a great thanks giving at Suzanne and Jamie's house 24 people.


Suzanne said...

Yeah! An update.

27!!! for Turkey day.

Dad, Denny and Carol come because we pay them to pretend to like you. I'm not supposed to tell you that.

s said...

It is great to hear my Uncle Don is back - humor abounds!! We love Aunt Carol and Uncle Dennis--so please dont pay them much as we would like them to return.

Thanks for the update - I check your blog often!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own post about it

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken. Write to me in PM.