Saturday, December 27, 2008

dec 2008

Our whole crowd was here for Christmas. Three kids, two son-in-laws 5 Grandkids plus Barb and I. Fun to see the Russians-- ages 7 and 9 -- and their excitement for Christmas.
On Dec 24 we had another gang at a community hall - most of our family and all of my
brother's family - about 25 in all. We do this every year.

Nothing newsy to report.

Watched a video last night that we highly recommend - John Q - it is a well made film with Denzell Washington and Robert Duvall and is well-done propaganda for National Health Care. (A great idea but how do we do it?)

Most snow and cold weather we have seen since we moved to Bellingham. Will try to update the blog more in the coming year.

They have strict laws in Maine about hitting animals on the hiway. I recently heard of a man who hit and wounded a pig. The driver thought no one saw him as he drove off. The next day a policeman came to his door with a ticket for $500.

When the man asked how he knew he had hit the pig, The officer replied that the pig had squealed.

Silly jokes cheer me up once and while. I am not seriously depressed - but I do get bored. Can only read so much and the stuff on the TV is awful. Teaching sunday school next year on Leviticus may prove to be a good thing.

The weather has kept us from getting out much but it is warming up today and the forecast is for warmer weather.

May Christ's presence be real to all my friends -


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Becky Britt said...

Dear Don and Barb, Hello from Wenatchee! I am finally getting around to writing after hearing news of Don's accident and recovery! I appreciate your Christmas letters to help keep in touch. It is hard to believe it has been so many years since I lived in Bellingham and was welcomed into your family! I'll check in frequently to your blog Don!
With love, Becky (Stitzlein) Britt