Sunday, September 28, 2008

end of sept

Another month has flown by. Getting out more and more and feeling much better from week to week.
Movie tonight - "Grace is Gone" a very touching true movie about a Father and two daughters whose wife and mother is killed in Iraq. Getting out this week to a lecture and a men's group. WE get the grand kids twice a week while Suzanne teaches two nights a week at the local community college.

A group of men continue to get together in my home on Saturday a.m. We read books
together. We have been meeting for many years.

Am reading two good books - Fly Boys about the part played by the Navy pilots working off of air craft carriers in WWII. George Bush senior was one of them. The other book Reason for God is by a Presbyterian Pastor - Timothy Keller. He is head of a 5000 member church in New York City and has been involved in starting 100 churches with in New York City. The book is called "Reason For God" and is an intellectual defense of Christianity. It is very good.

You can all send my sister a Birthday card in October (17)
Margaret Holmes
Oakland, Nebraska
(It is a small town)


s said...

It isn't so small that we know all the locals maiden names---she might get a card addressed to Margaret Buswell but the chances are good for a Maragaret Holmes. Good to hear you are doing well - all is great here - teaching is much easier for me than being at home but doing both is for the birds!! Glad it isn't long term.

s said...

chances aren't good for Margaret Holmes (typo on my previous post)