Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are having absolutely beautiful summer weather in Bellingham. I am now up in my power wheel chair all day some days without getting tired out. Life is truly getting better again. Hope to get my car equipped soon so I can drive and release Barb from chauffeur duty. The grand kids were over last evening and I had hoped to play chess with Andy but I got upstaged by "Marry Poppins". They never get tired of watching Mary and Bert.

Finished "Post American World'. It is our book club book that meets this Friday. I can tell from the book if I should be discouraged or encouraged about the place of America in the future.

Tim is in the midst of negotiations to buy a power boat that sleeps 4. He would moor it near where he works so he could get some solitary time. He works two weeks on and two weeks off, 24 hour days with three others in tight quarters but has lots of free time in between boats and putting our oil booms to absorb oil if there a spill -- kind like a fireman's job. He says that it would be great for the family for he and my two son-in-laws to go fishing and for the new grand-kids to go boating overnight to some of the islands in the San Juan Islands.

Still fuming about the "Shack". The more I think about it the worse it is in my mind. The feminization of the Trinity is just awful. The profound differences between the feminine and the masculine should be respected. We are all feminine before God. We are his bride and He must therefor be best represented by masculine imagery. It stands Christian theology on its head to promote female imagery as approproate imagery for the Trininty.

God is ever-present and we have no complaints.


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