Tuesday, July 1, 2008

doing well

Hi - We are doing quite well. Getting out more and more to Church, meetings, kids' homes - they all have ramps except for Tim.

Just finished a book on tape - The Long Walk, a book published in 2006 about 7 men who escaped from a Russian Prison in Siberia and walked 4000 miles in about a year across the Gobi desert and Himalayan mountains to India. It is number 4 on Amazon.

Video - Broken Brides: Great drama on reconciliation.

Very hot here - nearly 90 degrees which in hot for Washington.

There is a reunion this week in Nebraska for my family. I have two sisters in Nebraska. Counting all the kids there will be quite a crowd. My brother and most of his family is going.

Life is beginning to get good again. For a long time I thought is would never happen. I have a caregiver from 9-12 a.m.every day. Neither Barb or I could get along with out them. We see Suzanne's kids quite a bit. I help Andy to read and we play chess.

Will keep you posted about books and videos. I still dislike The Shack even though it is very popular.

I passed my eye test and driver written test so I will be able to drive when I get hand controls put on our Van.


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s said...

You will be missed this weekend!