Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend Report

Many apologies for the lag in posting. It's the first week of school for me, and even though I am only doing some administrative work, it all adds up.

Anyway, thanks for the deluge of cards and emails. Dad had a huge pile of birthday greetings.

Every day he is a little stronger and can do a little bit more. Little being the key word here. He is definately moving in the right direction, but it is slow slow progress. Fatigue and lack of appetite are the big hurdles right now.

He is not receiving visitors at all. When we are there with him, we don't talk much, just sit and hold his hand and fluff his pillow. Occasionally he is chatty, but it is a rarity which we are, frankly, hoarding.

Again, thank you for the cards and letters. They are a great blessing.

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