Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update - As some may you may know, I have been mulling over, for a long time, the idea of writing a book on apologetics. I have finally begun I think in earnest. I have been struggling to find the right structure which I have, I think, found. The book will be aimed at two kinds of related audiences: 1) Thoughtful skeptics and 2) People who would have once considered themselves to be Christians and who have either drifted away or who have made a decision that they no longer think it is true. It will hopefully be easier to read than "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. I know a lot of people who just can't follow Lewis. I will try to avoid the use of theological words but still deal with theological ideas. If all goes well, I may be done in a month of so but more likely will take six months. I am not going to argue from 'experience' or from the conclusion that the Bible is divinely inspired and that we are therefore obligated to believe it but from the 'facts' of history. Is the report in the Gospels of the life of Christ essentially good history? Christianity stands or falls on the answer to this question. Pray for me as I am very serious about this project. My plea is to follow the evidence. I will self publish and probably put it on the Kindle for free or for very little. I am more interested in finding readers than I am in the possible money. We are doing fine. Have had a great summer with really wonderful weather. Lots of folks over along with our kids and grand kids including two mama dogs and eight puppies. Have been able to sit out on my ramp in the nice warm sun a lot. Am now reading a long bio on Lynden Johnson. Also intend to look into a recommended book called "Bad Religion". I hope you will recover from the shock of actually finding a new post on my blog site. I don't write more because I have nothing unusual to report. Someone has said that nothing is news worthy except the unusual. True? Don

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dwb said...

I will be very interested in reading your work. Keep me in your "rough draft" group!