Saturday, March 10, 2012


It is obvious that some people are experiencing financial problems but we reject the idea
that our country has financial problems. We will believe that our country has serious
financial problems when:

1) Millions of folks quit buying $40,000 cars and men quit paying $80,000 for over sized trucks
2) The parking lots of gambling casinos are not full 24 hours a day.
3) When we no longer can afford to pay athletes, entertainers and movie stars millions of dollars a year.
4) We quit spending fifty billion dollars a year on the luxury of pop, booze, coffee and other drinks when water is
the only liquid humans need. (We are the only creature on earth that drinks any thing beside water)
5) When people quit paying $500,000 for a place to live.
6) When we can no longer afford expensive boats, cruse trips, tourist traveling, secondary condo homes.
7) When we realize that half the stuff we buy at grocery stores is not nourishing and stop buying it.
8) When we quit buying stuff at stores like Kmart that we don't need.
9) When we begin to encourage retired people to continuing using their skills to benefit mankind instead of just entertaining themselves.
10) When we quit spending billions of dollars on political campaigns.
11) When we quit paying for the printing and delivering of tons of daily junk mail to every home in America.
12) When we quit paying thousands of folks to do telephone sales which is VERY annoying.
13) When we figure how to settle our disputes with each other with out the assistance of tens of thousands of lawyers making $200,000 a year. (Count the number of lawyers in the local phone book)
14) When we demand that the advertising business informs people about products rather that spending fortunes on graphics.
15) When millions of women quit expecting to wear expensive rings and jewelry.
17) When most junior high kids quit owning $200 phones in their pickets.
Fancy cloths, perfume, $10,00 movie tickets, millions of folks on netflix @ $18.00/month Etc, Etc,Etc, Etc. Etc.

Are you as annoyed as I am with:
Telephone sales wanting to lower credit card interest rates.
Junk Mail
Things in plastic packaging that is next to impossible to open without bolt cutters or carving knives

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Anonymous said...

We won't recognize anything until we stop being consumed with ourselves. I am the first to admit my guilt when it comes to selfishness! sandy