Thursday, November 17, 2011

still here

Hi -

WE are about the same. Feeling good and enjoying life. See lots of our kids and grand kids. Will all be together at Christmas as our middle grand daughter Kelli, is getting
married on the 18th here in Bellingham. Went out for dinner for our 52nd. The best time in our marriage is now. We are pretty much together 24/7 and mostly at home. Barb reads a lot especially now that she can't get out to her huge flower garden.
I am enjoying college football and reading on my Kindle.

Reading "Killing Lincoln' by O'Riely and an historian friend of his. On best seller list for many weeks. Just reread "the Mayor of Casterbridge" by Hardy. Like the way he has with words. It is interesting to watch the best seller list on "'. What a mixed bag of quality writing and junk.

A note about the housing 'crises' There is no crisis. You would think the term means that there are not enough houses. There is a problem for some but 'one persons loss is another persons gain. The houses are not going to sit empty. The banks or whoever owns the houses will simply lower the price to the point that someone will buy it. It will simple be a change of ownership which is not a national crisis though it is a hardship for some who should have never been approved for a loan in the first place. Terrible how the media likes to blow things up. Am I wrong?

We are for Newt. We know about his 'baggage' but he has joined the catholic church and it is reasonable to assume that he has gone through some process of confession and received forgiveness. Any how he is is by far and away the smartest candidate and he knows how Washington works.

We are going to have an adventure this summer - Suzanne and her two kids, Barb, my care giver, and I are going to Hawaii this April for a week. Will be my first big outing since I went back to Nebraska a few summers ago. This Christmas will be the 5th anniversary of my accident. Times flies. The older we get the faster it goes. According to a form I filled out on the computer about, age, habits, etc. I am supposed to live until I am 95 and so is Barb. I don't know if this is good or bad. 17 more years - I can't imagine it.

Our dreary winter weather has begun and has already caused me to long for spring.

Still trying to get serious about writing a book on apologetics for lay people. Would be a bit like 'Mere Christianity' by Lewis but not as complicated. I have a sermon in my head about suffering and am looking for a place to preach it. It has been rumbling around in my head for months if not years. Suffering is not data for thinking as much as it is an opportunity to trust. 'I will never leave you or forsake you" That is the bottom line on the question of suffering.

Would be happy for hear from you so I know that someone actually reads my blogs.
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Best Wishes,


Dan said...

Hello Don,

Yes, I am reading and enjoying your blogs.
I am looking forward to reading your "Sermon"

Dan Brand
(HS Classmate)

Suzanne said...

"Suffering is not data for thinking as much as it is an opportunity to trust. 'I will never leave you or forsake you" That is the bottom line on the question of suffering."

I love you Dad. You've grown so much through this.

dwb said...

Uncle Don-

I read your blog! I'm still sorting out the Gingrich/Romney situation - the last thing I want is someone who "knows" Washington - I'll take the guy who is a real, day-to-day American, not a lifetime politician. Of course, don't really expect that to be possible.

Also, I have a Kindle now and remember you once mentioning how we can share Kindle titles? Is that correct?

I'm sure mom had a great visit out there last week.

Take care.