Friday, April 9, 2010


Well here I am tucked in bed again. Doc says I should heal fine. A bit tired again but should should be back to 'normal'in a week or so. (After they get my wheel chair fixed which quit working Thursday eve. Never a dull moment here.

The hospital staff was WONDERFUL. They discovered that I may have sleep ackneia (sp?)
The brain keeps having to wake up to tell the lungs to get moving. So a person does not get the deep sleep they need. Fatigue and snoring are prime symptiom (sp) which fit me well. Going to pursue this with more tests later. They say there is much they can do to help.

Just finished having Pizza with my grand son Andy. What a fun kid to be with.

I don't feel alone and my spirits are good.

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Volkert said...


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few months ago. After two sleep studies, I got put on a CPAP machine and am sleeping much better. It took a little getting used to the machine attached to my nose, but the sleep is worth it.