Friday, February 20, 2009

go buy this book

CHINA ROAD - Great story of a journalist traveling 3000 miles across China. Sometimes he gets the Impression that China will one day rule the world and the next day he is convinced that the whole thing is going to fall apart because of the corruption of the communist officials that run the show. Barb and I think it is a great book - it is our book club book for next month.
Been mostly staying home and enjoying the indoor winter. Get the grand kids overnight this Saturday - fun.
Pray for me if you wish that I would get serious about writing a book "Fire the Clergy and Burn down the churches" subtitled 'A modest proposal for Church renewal". Take a guess at how much money we spend on the staff and church up keep and how little we actually spend on the poor. The Bible says little about paying church workers and staff but a lot about the poor.
What is anyone reading that you recommend?


Suzanne said...

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Brent Butte said...

Don, your proposed title sounds a lot like how God has caused church renewal in the past. Interesting!

Aaron said...

Peace like a River, which you and Barbara let me borrow. I'm almost finished. It's a quality read with prose like I've never read before and quite a bit of laughing out loud.

Volkert said...

I'm slowly finishing up "The Shack." It's not the best book in the world, but it has stirred up some lively and enlightening discussions with several of my friends.

I went on a writer's retreat a few weeks ago (most of these folks are Protestants), and at one point we talked about how we would portray one of the persons of the Trinity as human characters: race, gender, appearance, occupation, whatever. It was a great discussion.

I chose physician. When the asked me to describe him physically, he ended up looking a lot like me. Others had a similar phenomenon.