Friday, January 9, 2009


I have so many people telling me that they check my blog that I must say something more often. We have had a flood in the N.W. More water, snow and freezing than we have seen since we moved here. Basements getting water for us and both our daughters. Nothing major

Am studying for my Sunday School class that I am beginning this week and leading on the book of Leviticus. There is a lot to learn from this book. I may try to keep my notes posted on the blog site.

Barb and I are doing well. Things are going so well for us that we don't see how they could get much better but each week seems better than the last.

Expect to get the parts that go on my Van this week so maybe is a month I will be driving. Barb is not excited about this. If I can't run a chain saw, what makes me thing I can manage a van? We will see. Watch the obit pages.

I bet that Senator McCain may be the most relieved man in America. Who would want the job that Obama now faces.

Best Wishes.


Suzanne said...

"We will see. Watch the obit pages." ACK! Don't even. We worked to hard to get you back -- you have GOT to stick around for at least a decade.

s said...

no kidding - watch the obit pages. you have to much to offer this world. excited to see your notes on levit.