Friday, February 29, 2008

leap year day blog

Hi my friends -

I am pleased to update all on my blog. Feeling better and adjusting better every day. The doctor today told me that most people in my condition almost feel that life is almost back to normal after a few years and we are beginning to think that it may be true.

We are getting out more and more. I got a new power chair recently that was too big for the lift on our van so had to get another van which we found at a very good price. It is working well. Yesterday we even went to the mall for some shoes. Why do I need shoes? - to protect my toes when I don't drive carefully.

We are getting more and more back into our evening reading when we don't watch videos we get from netflix.

About once a week we get one of the grand kids from Suzanne for an afternoon. They are a handful but we are delighted to have a new set of grand kids in the family.

Greg (Christy's husband) is in the process of turning a closet in my room into a bathroom so I have something to entertain myself in the daytime - watching him. Has to tear out a small wall and then do the plumbing. It bugs me to watch when I would love to help.

We have two care givers that alternate days that work from 9:00 to noon every day. At first I did not thing we would need them but don't see how we would get along without them. Hard to explain but with laundry, meals, daily exercise of my legs (called range of motion to keep my joints limber) assistance to get on and off the commode and assistance getting a bath - it is a load. I have a guy 5 days a week and a nurse two days a week. We may not need them forever as I get stronger and am more able to take care of myself. No longer going to physical therapy as I exercise at home.

Following the election closely - I want Obama to beat Hillery and then for McCain to become president. Newt Gingrich was my first choice but --. Did you hear that Chelsie Clinton asked McCain who he most feared and said "Osama, and Obama and Yo Mama."

The frogs are beginning to peep at night which we hope is a sure sign of spring. It has been an easy winter with little snow and almost no freezing.

How do we survive financially? Quite well - Medicare and our medicare supplement have taken care of almost everything. Our retirement income has been sufficient so we are not going backwards. (Except for today when the market dropped 315 points) We feel fortunate as some folks in my condition have to spend all ther resources and then end up on medicare in a nursing home -- a miserable existence -- I was there for three months before I could start therapy.

Looking forward to Prince Caspian movie which comes out in May.

Best wishes to you and thank you for your prayers,

Don Holmes


Samantha said...

Don & Barb,
So good to hear that you are making such strides! Each post sounds happier and more assuring that "normal" life is becoming reality. Here in TX we're having 80 degree weather, so I'll pray that you guys living in what I fondly call "the gray state", also receive a little sunshine! Miss you both-Samantha

Maria said...

I found your blog through your daughter, and I have to say, not only is she (and her husband) amazing, so are you! I am impressed by your positive attitude and zest for life! :)