Sunday, January 6, 2008


First blog of the new year -

I have been living in a kind of mental fog ever since the accident on Dec 14 2006. About a week ago I began to wake up clear headed and with a new since of optimism and have felt real good lately. We are getting out more to events in or town, seeing friends, church etc. Haven't felt much like reading until lately. We joined NETFlix so watch videos several times a week.

Watching the race a lot lately. Delighted to see Obama ahead of Hilary but my man is McCain.
Read both books Obama wrote. Fascinating person. He know what life at the bottom is like.

The older grand kids are all gone again. Kara teaching in L.A. Kelli a Junior at Whitworth and Kayti a freshman at Westmont. It was wonderful to have them home for Christmas vacation.

The Siberian transplants, Andy and Juliana are doing well. They added a new dimension to Christmas this year. It is fun to look forward to watching them grow up.

I turn 73 next week and even though I have no legs am delighted to still be in good health. I sleep and eat well. Barb is having some soreness in her legs which she is looking in to next week at the Doctor.

We are doing better as a team to work out how we are going to make our lives work. This is a MAJOR adjustment for the both of us.

We see all of our kids a lots. Doing well - appreciate your prayers.


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