Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct 30

Hi Blogger Fans.

I don't write often as there is little to write about. We work hard to get through each day with some good days and some not so good. We watch Videos and read and get out several times a week for therapy. Big accomplishment this week was getting from my chair via the sliding board to the bench in the bath tub for the second time. Funny what makes news. Getting stronger each day from therapy and work at home.

Finished the biography on John Newton. Barb is reading "Inside the Third Reich" which I had read before. 600 pages by Albert Spears who was Hitler's architect and munitions head.

Friends stop by but not too many. Like to visit with friends.

Am taking pills to help my legs not flinch but it makes me sleepy.

Barb is leaving for Hawaii next week so my friends will be filling in.

Did you hear about the little girl who was beaten by several sets of foster parents and when asked where she would like to live said that she wanted to live with the Nebraska football team because they couldn't beat anybody ( My sister in Nebraska sent me that).

In talking to other wheel chair people, they say that it takes about 2 years to adjust to wheel chair life so I will be half way on Dec. 14th. I believe them.

We are doing quite well.


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s said...

a little offended about the Husker joke but will continue to check back for updates.