Sunday, May 20, 2007

finally a note from me

Sorry to be so slow with my first real blog. This is the first day home where I have felt like sitting up out of bed for any length of time. After laying on my back for four months, I get light heading sitting up. Very normal I hear. This have been long ordeal and very difficult for Barb as a full time care giver. She and my kids have been great.

I have never been in pain from the very beginning. A real blessing. I think it will be several months before we discover what our lives will be like. I am now in a wheel chair and learning to adjust. We have hired some part time help to help get on the throne and roll in bed - Have to roll from side to side every four hours to avoid bed sores which can become a serious problem. Look forward to the time when I can sit up most of the day in my wheel chair and read and do stuff on the computer. Some one has given us a power wheel chair so we will have to acquire a vehicle to carry it. Probable a month away for this.

What can I say about the whole process? The three months in the nursing home were tough waiting for the operation to heal so I could get to therapy. Therapy for five weeks was hard but it was the final step before I could get home.

I still have a lot to learn about taking care of myself. It may take quite a while. For the present I sleep a LOT and do exercises to build up my arms.

This has not been a spiritual experience. Getting hurt should not effect a person's beliefs. Nothing has changed. Truth is truth and getting hurt is irrelevant.

Reading a book about Obama. Very interesting person.

Thanks to all who have sent me emails and cards and phone calls. You have all meant a lot to me.

This whole thing in not a tragedy - just a great big nuisance.

Love to all,


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hrrsn said...

On line for an assignment and checked on you and Susy (blog peek) Surprised
and happy to read a post you typed :)
Truth is truth. Truth is I am so glad you are home. What an ordeal you have been through.
I took on too many classes and am working hard to get through, had two exams today and feel much lighter with them behind me!
I Love teaching the third graders on Thursdays.
I will be over to help out as soon as I pass these classes :) j